SIGIRIYA Rock in central Sri Lanka was discovered in 1831 by Englishman Jonathan Forbes. The rock is almost 200 meters high and the top is completely flat. De Legenden say: “Gods from the sky build the city on top of it”. Originally a palace was built for King Kassapa 477-495 a.d., after his death it became a Buddhist monastery. More than 3 million stones have been used to build the city on top of the rock. There are thousands of marble blocks weighing more than 100 tons each, which have not been mined in the area. The rock had no steps up! The staircase that exists today was built in the last century and runs on the outside. Hundreds of workers must have been needed: how did they emerge? How did the materials emerge? There are many riddles surrounding this rock.
It has been built on top of a water basin 90 feet long by 60 feet wide and 70 feet deep with drainage system underneath. This is never dry despite the hot summers there. 500,000 tons of granite has been removed from here, where did it go, no traces have been found. There are traces in the rock on the outside that no people could reach from heavy materials that have been worked and sawn. In the caves you can see frescoes of the “cloud maidens” the Sky people, who float in the clouds. Did they come from “heaven”?

6,000 years ago, people lived around the rock. Many objects from this have been found. The staircase at the bottom left of the painting is called the Lion Rock: it does not go up.

Did Aliens Build This City?

Painting project – Ancient Aliens IV Sri Lanka

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