Pyramid of Kukulcan. Kukulcan was equal to God Quetzalcoatl who was the first ruler of the Toltecs. Tradition has it that it came from the planet Venus. “He came from heaven and had neither mother nor father.” Meaning of the name Kukulcan = “feathered snake”. The stair pyramid is built in such a way that at the turning point of spring and autumn it plays the sunlight in such a way that a (shadow) snake becomes visible.
The Chac Mool, the stone statue at the bottom left, is found throughout Mexico and its purpose is unknown. It is believed that on the stomach of the leaning figure, the heart of a human was sacrificed to the Gods.
The Maya (from 2000 years BC) built 117 cities, exactly to the position of the stars. A young researcher in our time discovered that there was a missing city on Earth. Photos were taken from a satellite and the lost city was found in a dense area. Kukulkan’s throne is at the bottom right of the painting. This is inside the pyramid and is inlaid with jade stone. In the Popol Vuh museum in Guatamala is the statue that represents an astronaut from the old days. Astronauts on Earth 2,000 BC? Were the astronauts of other planets mistaken for Gods?

Painting project – Ancient Aliens II Kukulkan Mexico

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