Pharaoh Akhenaten (1351 to 1388 BC). (He was the father of Tutankhamun.) He banned all Gods who were worshiped at the time and ordered that only God Aton, the solar disk, should be worshiped. Queen Nefertiti was his wife. The official images of Akhenaten show a foreign body. A protruding hanging belly, a very long face, very thick lips and long neck, very thick thighs and thin lower legs. All pharaohs are depicted as power figures, he looked very different. His grave has never been found. His headgear, and that of his wife, probably covers an elongated skull. The children they had also had the same elongated skulls. Many of this type of skull have been found all over the world, especially in Peru. Scientists have CT scanned and examined these skulls, which turns out, they lack an important fused seam that occurs in all humans. DNA research has shown that this can partly not be traced back to human DNA. Was he from another planet? Was the solar disk really a spaceship? What he was in contact with? After his death (or departure from Earth?) A great deal was destroyed by his successors, as if they wanted to cover all his traces. The pyramid of Giza is not a tomb: no tomb has ever been found in pyramids. Was it an energy plant? The Sphinx still hides many secrets. The head of the Sphinx is not in proportion to the body: it would have been a Jackal at first, the God Anubis and later changed. Was Egypt Visited by Aliens in Very Early Times? The hieroglyphs at the bottom left come from the temple of Seti in Abydos. In addition to a UFO, a helicopter can clearly be seen. The UFOs and Alien depicted at the lower right are found in several important temples in Egypt. Evidence of ancient Aliens can be found all over Egypt.

Painting project – Ancient Aliens I Egypt

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