Paintings - Esoteric, Abstract, Flowers, Buddha UFOs - ANTONETTA MOERLAND

ANTONETTA MOERLAND paints esoteric, abstract, spiritual and intuitive. Acryl oilpaint.

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You see a small selection out of a big collection.
The technique that's applied: acryl-oilpaint/case´n tempera on masonite.

The paintings are subdivided in 5 categories.

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Abstract paintings Esoterisc Abstract paintings Esoteric paintings Buddha paintings UFO paintings
Abstract Esoteric - Abstract Esoteric Buddha UFO paintings
Download the free screensaver. There are several paintings included made by Antonetta Moerland.
Flowers paintings

My way of painting started in the realistic world, then it became surrealistic went to the intuitieve and esoteric painting. The esoteric work that I make comes from an inner world. For years now I produce a lot of esoteric paintings. The center of the painting is starting point for all forms. Since about 7 years Buddha became visable. Tibet is a source of inspiration. Symbols of good luck and mantra's can be recognized in the latest works. The technic, which I developed by my self, is oilpaint with caseine-temperapaint. It gives the possibility to catch the light within a painting. Also acrylic paint is used together with structure and mica. Transparancy, layers and cosmic space always return in the works. There is a new page of UFO paintings. These are inspired by George Adamski's book Inside the Space Ships.

I always try to work in a 3-dimensional way. Catching of the light in a painting is always a goal.

Around us there is so much more than air alone.

Antonetta Moerland

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